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2022 Artists


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Yarli Creative

Duta 2022 Zivia cover artist

Madison Connors (AKA Yarli Creative) is a strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Gamilaroi woman. Driven by her identity, she embodies all the beauty of this country, and her contemporary take on more traditional art practices is breathtaking. Duta means star constellation in Yorta Yorta language, and we’re beyond grateful that it is gracing the cover of one of our 2022 planners.

The story behind the artwork: 

My design is called Duta which translates to Star/constellation/comet 🌟 in Yorta Yorta language. The language of my people, located North East of Victoria.
“Indigenous astronomy” is the first astronomy – the astronomy that existed long before the Babylonians, Greeks, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment.In Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, everything on the land is reflected in the sky. The sky serves as a scientific textbook — a map — that is home to a wealth of knowledge for those who are able to interpret and read the information it holds.
I created these stars to guide you and to hold the knowledge you need. It is your map to your life. But also holds an important place for me and my culture.

Jess Swan

Love Potion 2022 Zivia cover artist

A fellow Perth-dweller (hooray!), Jess has a playful artistic style with vibrant colours that we know our cheeky Zivia gals and pals will adore! Jess’s unique art is like her personal diary, expressing her moods and reflecting her experiences, all set against a dreamy Candyland-esque background that’s giving us ALL the feels.

Kasey Rainbow

Bubblegum Pop &  Tangerine Queen 2022 cover artist 

With her iconic 'Live Bright' ethos, Kasey uses her love of colourful patterns and eye-catching designs to create works of art that spread her positive messages around kindness, respect, and mental health awareness. Bold, beautiful, and unapologetically bright, Kasey is simply one of the sparkliest humans we know.

Deb McNaughton

Wild Tulip & Teacher's Pet cover artist

A former teacher, Deb’s stunning and uplifting artwork is no stranger to us, having graced the covers of previous Zivia products. An amazingly talented artist from Melbourne whose work instantly makes you smile, her use of bright colours, odd shapes, and vibrant patterns make us squeal with excitement every time we look at her work.

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