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When it comes to lesson planning,
we’re at the top of the class.

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Teachers. We really are a bunch of amazing humans. Not only do we shape the minds of future generations, educate miniature humans, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders, but we also do it with style. (And a whole lotta’ heart.)

At Zivia Designs, we know teachers. (Hell, we are teachers.) That’s why we create beautiful, professional, high-quality planners and organisers that you'll actually want to use every day. (Unlike that bland AF school-issued planner everyone’s doodling in at staff meetings.) We’ve got your back (shoulders, knees, and toes) when it comes to mapping out your lessons, organising your school week, and keeping your sh*t together. (Professionally speaking, of course.)

That’s why Zivia is your perfect partner in crime the classroom. We bring the style; all you’ve gotta do is bring the heart.


So, what makes our planners so dang awesome?

You mean besides the fact that we were the first Australian teacher planner business to make professionally-printed planners that are high quality and stylish as hell? Well, here’s a few things we’re pretty proud about:

  • All Zivia products have been designed by an Australian teacher for Australian teachers – not some big, faceless stationery brand who doesn’t know jack about teaching.


  • We only include the most relevant, functional, and up-to-date features in our planners, so you can get your planning done quickly and then get back to what you do best.


  • We understand that teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and identities. That's why we offer a range of sleek AF cover styles so that you can match your planner to your personality! We have a design to suit every teacher's style; from bright, floral, pretty, primary-esque covers to bold, on-trend, minimalist designs for high school teachers, both male and female.


  • We can belt out the entire lyrics of Beyonće’s Drunk In Love, complete with dance moves. True story.


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The Zivia Story

Meet Rachel. Teacher. Stationery lover. Head honcho here at Zivia Designs.

As a professional educator with almost a decade's experience in the classroom, Rachel knows what teachers need to get sh*t done. (Like, besides triple-shot espressos. #Obvs)

In 2014, she noticed a gap in the market for high quality and super stylish planners explicitly designed for Australian teachers. Frustrated by having to scout overseas for a professional teacher planner every year - and paying ridiculous international prices for something that never quite matched her needs - Rachel decided to do something about it.

Her mission? To provide teachers with organisational tools that spark joy and inspire creativity.

Armed with her Bachelors in Education, classroom experience and her trademark let 's-get-this-sh*t-done attitude, Rachel set out to create a practical, fun to use, all-in-one lesson planner that was tailor-made for Aussie teachers. Needless to say, she aced it.

Purposefully designed in beautiful Perth for teachers Australia-wide, Zivia Designs’ range has since grown to include assessment books, logbooks, stickers, stationery, and accessories that are guaranteed to brighten up any desk and bring the joy back to teaching. (Because, if our profession has taught us anything, it's that the best learning experiences happen when you plan to have fun.)


Ready to change the way you plan, for the better?

(Don’t answer that; it’s rhetorical.)

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