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Luke John Matthew Arnold


Be good See good

This artwork was created at a time when Luke was surrounded
by a lot of negative situations. He was trying to change them into positives (unsuccessfully, he adds). In an 'aha' moment, Luke realised that he only controls himself, so, in projecting goodness, he hopes that will resonate with more goodness surrounding him!

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Yarli Creative



Dhadjowa translates
to 'Sunshine' in Yorta Yorta language. The sun shines bright even when we don't feel right. She is there to remind us that this too shall pass and these negative times won't last. This planner features a special UV spot print, making the gold dots shine in the light.

Part of the profits from the sale of planners with Madison’s
artworks will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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Rosie Paine


Layers of Land

This painting represents Mother Earth, Country and the
importance of it to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Country is more than a place and is inherent to our
identity. We speak of Country as though we speak of a person, sustaining our
lives in every aspect-spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and

Part of the profits from the sale of planners with Rosie's
artworks will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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Rosie Paine



This painting represents Connection to People and to
Country. The arches at the bottom of the artwork symbolises hills, land and
Country. The waves in the middle of the painting symbolise the waterways of
Country. The dotted circles with the U shapes around them represent People
coming together.

Part of the profits from the sale of planners with Rosie's
artworks will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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Deb McNaughton


Moon in the Mountains

Moon in the Mountains is inspired by an original artwork Deb
painted a few years ago for a Twilight celebrity over in Texas. It's a moody and mystical piece with opportunities for imagination and wonder to take over.

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Steph Chapman


Jungle Jongo

Steph Chapman's Jungle Jongo takes you into a quirky, magical jungle. It's certainly not your ordinary jungle. Here, the sky is mint green, the rocks are magenta and the flowers talk. The Geelong artist set out
to create a tropical holiday-themed piece – something that reminded people of summer and adventure. However, whilst painting it, Steph says the artwork evolved. The result is a 'tousled jungle meets Alice in Wonderland' vibe – eccentric and endearing.

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Luke John Matthew Arnold


Bloom Tall

Luke finds drawing flowers a therapeutic process, so when he's up against it, he brings out the pencils, surrounding himself in a paper garden of calm.

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Crystal Oliver


Happy Days

The inspiration for this design was my love for my indoor jungle - my design studio with pops of colour and plants. It makes me feel so
happy to be in this space on the daily and gets the creative juices flowing in my rainbow rainforest!

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Trish Burton



This artwork was inspired by fond memories of summer holidays spent by the beach, dominated by warm colours of the sand and sun and featuring an array of patterned towels and umbrellas perfect for relaxing... And a sneaky seagull or two.

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Leah Grant


Wild Bloom

My design is called 'Wild Bloom' and is inspired by native Australian plants. Banksia's, flowering gums, eucalyptus, and bottlebrush are tough and adaptable so that they can withstand Australia's harsh conditions. These bush beauties are reliable and easy-going plants because they don't ask for much and have marvelous blooms. I can't help but find inspiration from their personal attributes and external beauty. This illustration encourages you to run wild with creativity and adventure while still being able to keep your teacher-life organised.

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Bigi Nagala


Dreamy Daze

This painting represents a dream. I wanted to create the feeling of living in the present whilst still manifesting dreams into fruition. The palms in the forefront represent the present whilst the palms in the distance are there to create a feeling of what is yet to come. The fairy floss colours and white details symbolise people moving towards their dreams. This unique piece of culture will add creativity and meaning to any space.

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Wilay Designs



This painting shares my love for the ocean. It's the best
feeling going to the beach and floating around, feeling free as the ocean. This painting is also a visual reminder of the strength we all have, life is like the ocean. The waves can be rough, but it can also be calm. We just gotta keep swimming through the waves, no matter what life throws at us!

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