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10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school

100 days of school can be a little stressful, especially if you're new to teaching. I'm a big fan of celebrating the small things in life, especially with kids. If your school is big on celebrating (like mine is), you're in luck; I have some fun and easy-to-set-up activities for you.

🎉Dress up🎉

Include your students in a fun dress-up day. You could all dress up like you're 100 years old (nothing cuter than a 5-year-old dressed as a grandpa) - or create something with 100 items on it - once, I made a jumper with 100 pompoms hot glued to it, it was easy and cheap to make and the kids loved it!

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school

🎉Go on a 100 hunt🎉

 Grab a big 100 chart and buy enough packs of Starburst lollies to make 100 (usually about 3-4 should do you with extras for your recess pick-me-up stash). Number them 1 - 100 and hide them around the class. Send your students on a hunt to fill up the 100 chart; it's chaos but good fun!

🎉Find 100 objects🎉

Find an extensive search and find picture - or use a book like wheres wally. Have students try to find and write 100 things they can spot in the picture. 

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school

🎉Make Paper Chains🎉

Have students write 100 words they know how to write (excellent sight word practice!), or write 100 things they can spot in the classroom

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school

🎉Make something🎉

Create something with 100 mult-e-links or blocks. Students will be amazed by what creations they will come up with with all those blocks! You might need a couple of tubs of blocks for this one!

🎉Pasta Necklaces🎉

Make pasta necklaces with 100 pieces of pasta. Encourage students to add 100 pieces from different types of pasta to their chain - even better, send them home to cook their pasta for dinner! Buy various pasta kinds and cut some long pieces of curling ribbon.

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school


Make snack bags with 100 items. Using small, easy to buy in bulk food items like Cheerios, M&Ms, jelly beans, mini marshmallows, sultanas, pretzels & fruit loops, have students count and make an after-school snack with 100 items.

🎉What would you do with $100?🎉

This is a fun, creative writing activity - I always find it interesting to see what some students think you can purchase with $100!

🎉What will you be doing when you're 100?🎉

Check out this fun activity for students to complete, filling in details about what they will be doing, enjoy eating and won't like doing when they're 100. To add more fun to this, use an aging app to take students' photos so they can see what they will look like when they're 100 - it's always a good laugh!

🎉Cups or Card Towers🎉

Challenge your students to see who can make the tallest towers with 100 cups. I've never met a group of students who didn't love building cup towers!

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 100 days of school


Check out this handy download here - I use this in my classroom to make stations for students to choose between when we're doing our 100 days of school activities. There are quite a few different ideas here, so I hope you find some inspiration!


What's your go-to 100 days of school activity?




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