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5 Awesome Mother's Day activities

Celebrating Mother's Day in the classroom is a great way to make Mums feel special for all that they do. I know I get all the feels walking around my classroom and sharing in the special things my students say about their Mums. 

I know that spending precious learning time on creating and sending gifts home sometimes feels like it takes away from the jobs you need to get done in the classroom, but finding ways to integrate learning and assessment into these activities is the key, it also provides a link between home and school - also, if you've ever seen a student create something for their Mum and the proud look they have on their faces - it's priceless.

Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day cards are a must when celebrating Mother's Day, and finding one that is simple and effective ticks all the boxes! Enjoy this free card, I must admit, I use this card most years in the classroom. I have created a few variations in this template and included a blank one too for a students own text. I print this on A3 paper usually, then cut in half (two cards per A3 page). I like to use gold and silver paper for the love heart but you can use whatever colours you have on hand.

5 Awesome Mother's Day activities for Teachers

Sugar Body Scrub

This is my go-to Mother's Day gift in the classroom. I have had so many Mums come in months after Mother's Day asking me for the recipe because they loved it so much! I use small jars like these from Kmart and we have a fun afternoon of mixing and creating. Here are some cute gift tags for the jars too.

This recipe is for a single 'serve' if you will. I usually make a test batch once I have my jars to see how much it fills the jar and adjust the ingredients as necessary. 

  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • Food colouring (to give it a bit of colour if you like!)

Just measure, mix and pop into jars - simples👌

Host an Afternoon Pamper Session 

What better way for your students to spoil their mums than letting them host a pamper session for their mums? Some fun activities for this are:
  • Hand massage with hand cream
  • Painting Mum's nails (have students bring in some nail polish from home for this)
  • Back massage station
  • Book reading together with cushions
  • Cookie decorating (with Milk Arrowoots, colourful icing, lollies and sprinkles)
  • Painting together
  • Creating pictures with loose parts (below)
5 Awesome Mother's Day activities for Teachers


A great opportunity to give the families in your class a good laugh and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.
Mums will laugh when their kids accurately pick their favourite drink or something 'they always say', big smiles will appear when their child answers how they know Mum loves them or name what they love most about their Mum.
I have been the teacher conducting one on one interviews with my students, recording the information, typing it up (having a giggle when appropriate) and printing and laminating them to take home. But, I have a BETTER way now! I've used this a couple of times and it is a game.changer. Ask your students the questions you'd like and record them on an iPad. Upload the videos to the cloud and create a free QR code to link (I use this site) to the video. Stick it on your Mother's Day card and prepare to win class mothers day gift *chefs kiss* this year.  

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Mum's name
  • Mum's age
  • How tall is your mum?
  • What is your mum's favourite drink?
  • What is your mum's favourite food?
  • What does your mum like to do to relax?
  • How do you know mum loves you?
  • What do you love most about your mum?
  • What do you love to do with your mum?
  • What does your mum do that makes you laugh?
  • pick 2 words to describe your mum.
  • If you could give your mum anything in the world for mothers day what would it be and why?


I hope this helps you come up with some fun activities for your class!
What is your go-to Mother's Day activity?
Big love,

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