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Fun Indoor Recess Activities (without the hassle!)

Hey 👋 

Today I'd love to your bank of easy activities for those soon to be here wet weather lunches. I've been there, those days are long and the kids need to burn their energy but you can't get outside.

Flash back to a huge hailstorm we had at school a few years ago (of course it happened right in the middle of an engaging mat session!) 

Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Teachers

Now I am not at all against giving some screen time when the weather outside is awful (and you need 5 minutes to sprint to the toilet and inhale your lunch). But, as the cooler weather creeps in we are due for a lot of indoor lunch and recess breaks and screen time can only get you so far!

Keep the kids engaged and burning some energy with these fun (and low prep) activities:


Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Teachers

Enjoy these free boggle boards I created to get your students creativity flowing! To make them last longer laminate them or pop them into SmartPALS.


Cup Towers

What a fun STEM activity! All of your students will love trying to build high towers using cups (and popsticks if you have some handy!). Set a challenge to see who can build the highest tower with 30 cups, or who can build the most interesting structure. You’ll love what they come up with.

Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Teachers

Free Drawing

Set up this great invitation to play - get a large roll of paper (I like this kraft roll from officeworks), pop out some textas and let the kids go crazy! Drawing and building towns, or tracing their hands and decorating their nails – the possibilities are endless!
Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Teachers

Balloon bounce 

I am a huge fan of Kagan cooperative learning strategies having done the training myself about 6 years ago – it is fabulous and I highly recommend it if you can! This game is a fun and easy one which my students (of all ages) have always loved. All you need is a handful of balloons 🎈

Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Teachers


What's your go-to wet weather recess activity?

May your coffee be strong on those long wet weather days!
Big love,

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