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5 Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Students (No Chocolate Required!)

Many students will associate Easter with chocolate eggs (as do most of us) but there are plenty of activity options out there for students to enjoy in the lead up to Easter that don't involve chocolate overload. 

Here are 5 fun and easy activities you can try this Easter:

  • Directed Drawing
  • This is a huge hit with the students at the moment. Art Hub For Kids on YouTube has a great selection of Easter themed directed drawing  options. Here are some of our favourite links:

  • Easter Bunny Marble Rolling
  • Have students cut out an Easter Bunny outline (we’ve included a template for you here). Place it in a tray with some of their favourite coloured paints and glitters. Place marbles in the tray and have the student move the tray around so the marbles roll through the glitter and paint and across their bunnies. One complete, pop a cute little cotton ball tail on the bunny. I did this in my classroom and here’s a photo of how they turned out (so cute!) - check our how to video here

  • Bunny Ear Headbands
  • Make a fun and festive headband by attaching two bunny ears made out of paper or cardboard to a simple headband (we’ve included a template here). You can also choose to add a face instead of the ears or add coloured Easter eggs around the band (the template for those is here). Add a pom-pom for the nose and some googly eyes to complete the look. The more colourful the better! 


    • Easter Wreath- Create a beautiful Easter wreath for your door. 
    1. Cut out the inside of a paper plate so you are left with the outer circle and hollow middle. 
    2. Punch a hole in the top centre and tie a piece of ribbon through this (this is what we’ll hang our wreath from). 
    3. Have students decorate Easter egg images with pencils, crayons, textas, paints and glitters. We’ve included a template of different egg designs here for you. 
    4. Once decorated, cut the egg shapes out. 
    5. Using glue, have students glue them along the paper plate circle in a continuous pattern, as pictured below. 


    • 3D Easter Eggs - This is a great one to help decorate the classroom. 
    1. Have students cut out an Easter egg shape. Then cut an internal hole in the egg following the outline of the shape. You should have a 1 - 2 cm egg outline. The template is here.
    2. Contact one side of the egg and have students decorate the sticky side. 
    3. They could use items such as features, glitters, pom poms. 

    It is a bit of a messy activity but they are really cute once finished and when hung around the classroom, they really set the Easter vibe for the students. Here’s a picture of when I made them with my class. 


    Here are some other Easter activities you could try with your students:

    • To help with their reading skills, if you do an Easter themed treasure hunt by hiding clues in different spots leading them to the treasure at the end. This way the students have to read and work as a team to find the location of the next clue! We’ve included a template of clues for you here and a blank one here
    • Having Easter themed colouring in sheets for the students to do during their free time is a simple, yet fun activity to get everyone involved in the joy of Easter. We’ve included some options here for you. 
    • Making paper chains in pastel Easter colours is also a fun way to decorate the classroom and get the students to work as a team to join the links together. 


    Below are 5 Easter theme reading books to enjoy with your students. 

    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Easter Surprise by Eric Carle
    • Bin Chicken’s Eggcellent Easter by Jol Temple
    • That's Not My Bunny by Fiona Watt
    • Peter Rabbit: Peter's First Easter by Beatrix Potter
    • There Was an Old Bloke Who Swallowed a Bunny! by P. Crumble


    I hope these Easter craft ideas inspire you to get creative and have some fun this holiday season! Let’s leave the joys of the chocolate highs for Mum and Dad and enjoy these simple Easter ideas at school. 

    Big Love
    Rach xx

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