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Top 5 Organisational Tips For Your Resources

We asked our boss lady Rach, for her top tips for staying resourcefully organised! 

If you’re anything like any other teacher, you probably have an exorbitant amount of unused workbooks, games, and random accessories scattered around your home, on your (ridiculously messy) desk, or in your classroom. Try these tips to help get on top of that clutter! 

Invest In Strong Sturdy Containers

Yep, treat yourself to strong sturdy storage containers. Make sure they all match (because #aesthetics), and buy them in bulk. Containers that stack well are ideal and ones with clear sides so you can see what's in them are also a handy time saver! 


Clearly Label Each Container 

Clearly label every storage container and ensure labels are facing towards you so that when you head to the storage room or garage, it's super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Rach’s friend once told her, ‘if you want to keep it, you’ve got to contain it’, so she refers back to this motto whenever she's trying to keep things. 


Scan What You Can

If possible, scan whatever you can and don’t keep hard-copy versions of your resources.If you can, scan your resources and file them in the cloud. Convert paper worksheets into digital ones, and ask other teachers to email you their resources instead of printing them out and popping them in your cubby hole.  


Become Best Buds With Our Document Buddies

    If there's a specific document you need to keep close by, grab a pack of our Zivia Designs  document buddies. They have a small adhesive strip that will attach them to your paper. You can then clip them in and remove them from your planner as needed. 


    Buy The Draws

    Yes, you know the ones. There’s a reason they are so popular, and once you use them, you'll know exactly why. Rach sets her draws up with Monday to Friday labels and then uses the left over draws for things like home readers that need to be swapped, notes that need to be handed out, and one draw for anything students need to give her like permission slips. She then goes through everything at the end of the day. 

    We hope these tips help you stay super duper organised in the classroom this year! 

    Big Love, 

    Team Zivia xx 

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