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Zoom Art Liner 12 Pack-Zivia Designs
Zoom Art Liner 12 Pack-Zivia Designs
Zoom Art Liner 12 Pack-Zivia Designs

Art Liner 12 Pack

$24.50 AUD off

Want to see the excited faces of students when you're about to mark their work with your 'special' pens?  Then look no further!

Look no further than our new 12 pack of artliner pens, bound to brighten up your planner and student work.

These artliners are colourful, smooth and comfortable to write with - all must-have features for any pen to take up space on a teacher's desk. 

No need to stress about pens bleeding through your precious pages or not working when you need them to (like when you need to quickly scribble that meeting on your hand so you don't forget *again*). Our 12 packs of pens will have you covered for all of your Professional Development, planning sessions, meetings and long nights spent student marking work.

Perfect for: Teachers who love to colour coordinate their days, and love a bit of brightness on their planner pages.

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