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Term Tab Stickers

Term Tab Stickers

$14.50 AUD off

Keep your sh*t sorted for longer. (Because, really, we’re all just living life one term at a time, right?)

If you’re anything like us, you’d prefer to work smarter, not harder, and without all the extra mind-clutter that takes up space in our overworked teacher-y brains. So, keep your planner (and your mind) clearly compartmentalised and organised using our term tab stickers.

Each set comes complete with tabs for Terms 1-4, as well as an additional 'Admin' tab, so you can keep all the non-teachery info separate from your term plans. Choose from a plain ‘n profesh ZD blue, or go fun and fabulous with bright iconic Zivia colours that take your planner from blah to bling with just a snap!

Perfect for: The hyper-organised educator who needs to keep things clearly defined and organised for their sanity. (Because #BOUNDARIES).

Pro tip: Stick your tabs in starting from the back working your way forward to make sure they are in



  • Set of 5 sticker tabs (Terms 1-4 & Admin)

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